Yummy #0113


A cute cat perched atop a cake adorned with vibrant green and orange colors. Rendered in a colorful illustration style reminiscent of oil painting, this artwork portrays the cat sitting on layers of yellow sponge cake covered in neon green frosting. Its white paws peek out from beneath the cake layers, adding to the adorable scene. The simple background features a white plate with red berries and a white tablecloth, providing a delightful contrast to the colorful cake. This high-resolution full-body shot is perfect for adding a touch of playful charm to any space.

顏色 Color
尺寸 Size

• 實物一般會有1-2cm 的誤差,而所有含棉產品在洗滌後有2-3%縮水屬正常情況
• 請小心選擇尺碼,建議量度一下平時穿著的衣服尺寸去比較尺碼表  
  • 預計 3-5 個工作日(離島預計 4-6 個工作日)。
  • 產品由順豐速遞配送到你訂單上的香港地址。