Cat #0152


Transform your space into a realm of enchantment with this surreal artwork featuring a gray tabby cat seated in a bowl of water, surrounded by swirling clouds and dripping honey drops, evoking an otherworldly atmosphere. The background showcases surreal landscapes adorned with floating mountains and yellow jelly-like structures, adding to the dreamlike quality of the scene. Crafted in a surrealist style with vibrant colors, this artwork seamlessly blends elements from nature and fantasy, creating a captivating composition. The focal point is the cat's face, rendered with hyper-realistic detail akin to an oil painting, drawing viewers into the mesmerizing world of the artwork.

顏色 Color
尺寸 Size

• 實物一般會有1-2cm 的誤差,而所有含棉產品在洗滌後有2-3%縮水屬正常情況
• 請小心選擇尺碼,建議量度一下平時穿著的衣服尺寸去比較尺碼表  
  • 預計 3-5 個工作日(離島預計 4-6 個工作日)。
  • 產品由順豐速遞配送到你訂單上的香港地址。